Omicron Squad episodes 4-6

“It’ll be about twenty minutes until we reach the base,” Sirvanna said. “We’re going to need a plan to get inside so that we can reach the depot. The second challenge is getting out undetected, but I think we can manage that one pretty easy since they’ll be distracted by the depot’s destruction.”

“I know how we can get on base,” Yuni said. “We’ll tell them that we’re there to deliver some pizzas.”

“I think that we should try something less obvious,” Sirvanna said. “I was thinking I’d have Undine scout us the quickest route.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ines said. “Should I start now?”

Both Sirvanna and Yuni jumped.

“I didn’t know you were back there!” Yuni exclaimed.

“That was awfully fast,” Sirvanna noted. “Did you really ditch the truck outside of town?”

“Sure I did,” Ines said. “Well, at the edge of town. Something went wrong with it so I had to crash it before it broke down.”

“What exactly happened?” Sirvanna asked.

“Well, steam started coming out from under the hood,” Ines said. “Then the engine caught on fire.”

“Was it scary?” Yuni asked.

“Not at all,” Ines said. “There was one of those stupid mini-malls nearby so I just pointed the truck at it and bailed.”

“You crashed the truck into a mini-mall?” Sirvanna asked.

“Yep,” Ines said.

“With the engine on fire?” Sirvanna asked.

“That is exactly what I just said,” Ines said. “Good job paying attention. You’ll get your gold star later. Or” she winked “maybe you’d prefer something special.”

“It’s lucky we weren’t in the car when the engine went out,” Yuni said.

“Undine probably just pushed it too hard,” Sirvanna said. “How fast were you going anyway?”

“Don’t know,” Ines said. “The speedometer broke. Too slow if you ask me.”


“So, where were you guys before this whole thing began?” Katelyn asked.

“Around,” Alexa said.

“Well that was a helpful answer,” Katelyn said.

“Shush,” Alena whispered. “We’ll move carefully and then strike when we reach their lines. If we’re careful we should be able to get in and out before they can organise a defense.”

“Just my luck,” Katelyn said. “Stuck with the quiet one and the far too serious one.”

“Shush,” Alena whispered.


Sirvanna, Ines and Yuni stood at the base perimetre just outside of the fence. “What’s the plan?” Yuni asked. “Do we disguise ourselves?”

“We’ll keep that as an option,” Sirvanna said. “Undine, I want you to scout the quickest route to the depot and don’t be seen.”

“No problem,” Ines said. “I’ll be going too fast for the naked eye.” And she was gone.

“She can really move!” Yuni said. “But can she really go that fast?”

“I suppose anything’s possible with the virus,” Sirvanna said. “I doubt that she’ll be able to keep it up for long though.”

“Back,” Ines gasped. “I…” she was breathing heavily, sweating and her face was flushed. “th… fas… fast…”

“Calm down,” Sirvanna said. “Catch your breath and speak clearly.”

Ines nodded. She waited for nearly a full minute before speaking again. “I found the quickest route. It shouldn’t take too long to get there even at your speed.”

“How many guards?” Sirvanna asked.

“Two at the depot’s entrance, three on patrol nearby,” Ines said.

“They didn’t expect us to break through their line,” Sirvanna muttered. “Although there have to be more guards in other parts of the base, an alarm would be disastrous. Aurora, I want you to bend light around us so that they won’t see us until we’re taking the depot guards by surprise. Undine, lean on my shoulder and lead the way.”

“Pardon?” Ines asked.

“You’re clearly exhausted,” Sirvanna said. “You need to rest as much as you can before going into action again. So, lean on me.”


A group of soldiers was in the process of packing the train with supplies for the front lines.

“Swarming with soldiers,” Alena muttered.

“Did anyone bring Raid?” Katelyn asked.

“We’re going to attract attention,” Alena muttered. “Unavoidable.”

“Is that so?” Alexa asked. “Then we make it big.”

“Wait,” Alena said. But it was too late. A vicious burst of wind cut into the dirt and sent a it hurtling toward the soldiers on duty.

“Help her,” Alena said. “I’ll get the supply lines.”

“To think,” Katelyn muttered “I thought working with them would be boring.”


Sirvanna, Yuni and Ines passed by the second guard. Things were proceeding smoothly. They walked for a few minutes before stopping so that the third patrolling guard could pass in front of them. He glanced in their direction, kept moving, stopped and looked back at them. He grabbed his handgun and pulled the trigger. The trigger clicked, but nothing came out. Sirvanna took him down with a quick lightning bolt.

“Sorry,” Yuni said. “I don’t know how he saw us.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it now,” Sirvanna said. “We just have to move quickly.”

“Lucky for us that he didn’t have any bullets,” Yuni said.

“I suspect that luck had nothing to do with it,” Sirvanna said. She glanced at Ines who was still draped over her shoulder.

Ines smiled slyly and produced an ammo clip from her pocket.

“How many armed guards can we expect to encounter?” Sirvanna asked.

“Whoever happens to be in the depot,” Ines said.


Several soldiers managed to take cover from the wind resistance. They sent several complicated hand signals before carefully taking aim at Alexa. That was when their weapons turned around in their hands and fired by themselves.

“That had to hurt,” Katelyn said. “But not as much as this.” Several of the assault rifles floated upwards and fired into the crowd of soldiers.

Alena looked carefully around. Two guards had been left behind with torches to watch the supplies. The rest had run off to try to deal with Alexa and Katelyn.

She grabbed two stones and threw them. They knocked the torches from the guards hands. One’s bulb broke the instant it hit the ground. The other rolled under the tracks. It left the area in virtual darkness. Perfect!

Before the guards could aim, she was on them. She punched the first hard enough to splatter his brains onto the ground. She leapt behind the second before he could take aim and broke his neck. She quickly took stock of her surroundings. Katelyn and Alexa were still distracting the rest of the rapidly dwindling soldiers.

She hurriedly went through the supplies. She took a pistol with silencer and two army knives. They could come in handy later. She went through the rest until she found what she was looking for.


The two guards at the depot were loudly talking.

“Alright,” Sirvanna whispered. “When I…” She noticed a weight lifted from her shoulder. “Where’s Undine?”

The two guards dropped one after the other, both with lacerations across their throats. A bloody knife was on the ground in front of them.

“Let’s get moving,” Ines said.

“Aurora and I could’ve taken them,” Sirvanna said. “You should’ve stayed put.”

“What’s the problem?” Ines asked. “Dead is dead.”

“The problem is that I still have a task that I’ll need you rested for,” Sirvanna said. “And I don’t want to lose anyone on this mission.”

“It’s because I’m cute, isn’t it?” Ines asked.

“Just take it easy until I need you again,” Sirvanna said.


Alexa sent two soldiers crashing into each other with hurricane force winds. A soldier tried sneaking behind her only to have his shoes trip him up and his handgun fire itself into the back of his head.

“Done,” Alexa muttered.

“Until their reinforcements notice the obscene amounts of noise and show up,” Katelyn said.

“Not an issue,” Alena said. She pointed at the tracks. She had piled up the ammo and explosives around the train. A single grenade was sitting on top of the pile.

“You,” Alena pointed to Katelyn “pull the pin. And you,” she pointed to Alexa “get us out of here like you got us over the border.”

Within seconds it was done. A tornado fled the site of the explosion.


Sirvanna stopped and peered carefully around the corner. She quickly withdrew and nodded to Yuni who moved around the corner and let out a bright burst of light. There were several shouts of “my eyes” and various expletives. Sirvanna joined Yuni and the two mopped up the guards. Yuni with a sword created from solidified light, Sirvanna with bursts of crimson lightning.

“We should be close to the weapons,” Sirvanna said. “Let’s get…” A shaking hand was steadying a rifle. One of the enemies had survived! He was able to fire once before Sirvanna finished him.

“Where’d the bullet go?” Yuni asked.

“Undine?” Sirvanna asked. Ines handed her the bullet.

“You should be grateful,” Ines said. “It would’ve killed you.”

“Really?” Sirvanna asked.

“Well it was going to hit right here,” Ines put her finger on Sirvanna’s upper lip. “Pretty sure that’s a fatal shot.”

“Is that really where it was going to hit or are you flirting with me?” Sirvanna asked.

“I guess that only I’ll know for sure,” Ines winked.

“No matter,” Sirvanna said. “Let’s get moving.”


“Wow,” Katelyn said. “Who would’ve guessed that we’d finish and be at the rendezvous before the group with a speedster.”

“Probably using stealth,” Alena said. She glanced over at Alexa.

“Hey, we got out, didn’t we?” Alexa asked. “Or did you go to a different briefing where we were told not to use force?”

“Must’ve been a Sirvanna, Alena briefing,” Katelyn muttered. “Titled ‘ways to punish the others for not reading our minds.'”


“They have enough stuff here to blow up New Jersey,” Yuni said.

“They don’t have anything that could be used for that,” Sirvanna said. “But they could certainly cut a bloody trail to New Jersey,” She grabbed some explosives from a crate. “I’m going to set the detonator for thirty seconds. Aurora, you and I will leave first. Undine, wait for three minutes so that we can get out of the depot and behind some cover. Then push the trigger and join us.”

“I won’t need that long,” Ines said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Sirvanna said. “The important thing is that they won’t have time to find or disarm it and we’ll all be safe.” She put a hand on Yuni’s shoulder. “Let’s go!”

Yuni waved backwards. “Good luck!”

Ines winked at her. “I don’t need it. You’ll keep me running hot.”


Sirvanna and Yuni quickly moved past the corpses. When they arrived at the entrance they were still clear. The two moved back to the fence and went over.

“They’ve found the guards and they’re going inside,” Yuni said. “Will she be okay?”

Sirvanna checked her watch. “Yeah, she should be setting the explosive now. She’ll be gone before they go in.”


Ines waited while the explosive ticked down 20, 19, 18… Sounds, from outside. She was about to have company. She glanced at the explosive 15… 14. She brought her goggles down and braced herself like a track runner waiting for the whistle. “Let me show you just what I’m made of,” she muttered. 10… And she was off. She ran past the soldiers who were just opening the door.

They shot after her but their reactions were pitifully slow and they just managed to hit the scenery. She brought her arms down and her head low and rammed her way through the guards at the entrance. The explosives went off behind her, she picked up the pace. Ran through the base, over the fence and back to Yuni and Sirvanna before the explosion had finished engulfing the depot.

“Ines, you’re okay!” Yuni practically jumped on her. “When I heard the explosion and you weren’t here I was so worried.”

“What kept you?” Sirvanna asked.

Ines shrugged. “Thirty seconds was way more than I needed so I waited around for twenty of em to pass.”

Sirvanna slapped her. When she spoke her voice was low and rough. “Don’t ever take that kind of reckless risk again! This isn’t a game. Your life is at stake and I won’t watch you throw it away for some cheap thrill. Understood?”

Ines nodded.

“Good,” Sirvanna said. “Let’s meet up with the others.”


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I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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