Omicron Squad episode 60: Major Snag

“Zhao?” Sirvanna asked. 

“What does Sirvanna nee… Oh, Zhao remembers,” Zhao said. “Zhao has to help Omicron on their mission.” 

“Very good,” Katelyn said. “Just give us our rocket or whatever.” 

Zhao wagged her finger at Katelyn. “Katelyn has the wrong idea. A rocket would be too easily detectable by enemy radar. Zhao doesn’t have any flying machine that could safely insert Omicron into Munich.” 

“Don’t tell me you’re going to teleport us,” Alexa said. 

“I hate teleporting,” Katelyn complained. 

“Zhao isn’t going to teleport anyone,” Zhao said. “Zhao has a much better method. One that will get Omicron in covertly and give them time to make a plan.” 

“What kind of method is this?” Sirvanna asked. 

“Omicron is going to enter Munich from below,” Zhao said. She pulled the tarp off of a large device. “This is Zhao’s Mole mech mark VI. It will dig its way to Munich with Omicron safely inside. Zhao left some timed explosives inside for them to use to destroy the target.” 

“Go below the radar,” Alena said. “I see.” 

“And it can’t bring us back because?” Alexa asked. 

Zhao stared at her for a moment. “Alexa doesn’t think that the enemy forces would notice a giant hole near their lab? Zhao’s mole will cover the hole behind it and return to base.”

“Makes you feel kind of stupid when she says it out loud, doesn’t it?” Katelyn asked. 

“Shut up,” Alexa said. “I just didn’t think of that.” 

They climbed inside and strapped in. The mech burrowed on its way. Zhao stared at the hole in her floor. 

“Zhao should have taken the mole outside before sending it away,” she muttered. “Oh well, Zhao will see if Jenny wants company until it gets back.” 


“The lab doesn’t look too huge,” Sirvanna said. “We can place explosives here, here and here and that should be enough to take the building out.” 

“No,” Alena said. “Here, here and here. closer to the main supports.” 

“Fine,” Sirvanna said. “We’ll set the timers for ten minutes. That should give us enough time to get out.” 

“There’s just one problem,” Alexa said. “How do we get in?” 

“That’s the beauty of it,” Sirvanna said. “There are heavy thunderstorms tonight. The lab should just be occupied by security personnel. And, if I take out their power it should be indistinguishable from a regular lightning strike. That’ll give us a chance to just walk in without worrying about security.” 

“And their lightning rods?” Alexa asked. 

“Maybe they’ll think the bolt was too big to be attracted to them,” Yuni said. “Or they’ll forget they’re there.” 

“The rods have to go,” Sirvanna said. “It could give us away. Of course, if the wind were to knock them over then it could buy us some time before we’re discovered.” 

“Understood,” Alexa said. 

“Once we’re inside we’ll split into teams,” Sirvanna continued. “Ines and Alena will take the furthest location, here. Alexa and I will take this one. That leaves Yuni and Katelyn with this one.” 

“I miss you already,” Yuni said, putting her arms around Alena. 

“We won’t be apart long,” Alena said. “And while we are I’ll keep you in my heart.” 

“And I’ll keep you in mine,” Yuni said. 

“Who ordered the purple prose?” Katelyn asked. 

“I did want to talk about one more thing,” Sirvanna said. “We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted by anything we see and this is the same lab that experimented on orphans. So we probably will see some pretty nasty stuff.” 

“I’m sure they reformed and went back to ethical experiments,” Yuni said. “Right?” No one would look directly at her as she looked around. Except for Alena. “Right?” Yuni repeated, softer. 

Alena shook her head, slowly. 


The group hurriedly climbed out of the mole and into the pouring rain. 

The giant mech hurriedly returned back underground, with barely a noise and Alexa flew off to knock down the laboratory’s lightning rods. While Sirvanna took out their generator and Yuni cut the power lines. 

The lab went from brightly lit to completely dark in seconds. 

Sirvanna waved the group forward. They snuck past a group of guards coming out to investigate and went inside, splitting up. 


Alena and Ines reached their location first. Moving past tanks that appeared to house twisted and mangled bits of flesh. 

“What do you suppose those are?” Ines asked. “Is that an eyeball?” 

“Don’t get distracted,” Alena said. They hurriedly planted the explosives and ran out. 


Sirvanna and Alexa planted their explosives. Trying not to look at the canisters in the room with them, but failing. The nearest one to Sirvanna had what appeared to be the corpse of a Shepherd dog suspended in some kind of liquid solution, covered with fleshy lumps. The one closest to Alexa had a dead rabbit in the same solution. It had several extra, tiny heads and fangs. Its back was covered with spines.

Sirvanna planted the last explosive. “Let’s get the hell out of here,” she said. 

“I agree completely,” Alexa said. 

The two hurriedly reached the entrance and found Ines and Alena waiting for them. Several dead security personnel were near the door as well. 

“Yuni and Katelyn aren’t back yet?” Sirvanna asked. 

“Nope,” Ines said. “Do you suppose?” 

Sirvanna flipped open her communicator. “Katelyn, Yuni, respond.” She waited for thirty seconds. “Respond, now!” 

“I’m going in,” Alena said. 

“I’ll go too,” Ines said. “You two get to a safe distance. When we find them we’ll carry them back here in plenty of time.” 

“Be careful,” Sirvanna said. She gently kissed Ines’ forehead and moved away. Ines and Alena ran back into the building and rushed for Katelyn and Yuni’s site. They found their explosive bag lying on the ground. There as a faint trail of blood leading away. 

“Were they…” Ines began. Alena grabbed her shoulder and pointed her towards the tubes in the room. They were filled with small, visibly mutated children. Many of whom had animalistic features. They all had breathing apparatuses attached to them and were attached to electronic equipment apparently designed to monitor their vitals. 

“Diosa,” Ines whispered. 

“It’s broken,” Alena said, gesturing to a leaking tank. “Yuni must have been trying to get them out.” 

“When something hit her,” Ines said. “We’d better follow the trail and fast.” 

“I better,” Alena said, holding Ines back. “Yuni wanted them saved.” She pointed at the tanks. “Plant the explosives. Get them out of here. I’ll find Yuni.” 

“You’re going to find Yuni and Katelyn by yourself?” Ines asked. 

“Yes,” Alena said. “No time to argue.” She ran, following the faint trail. Ines started to go after her but stopped. She set the explosives and got to work emptying the tubes. 


About ktulu007

I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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