Omicron Squad Epilogue

“Keep everyone back.”

“I think I can get a shot.”

“Negative. The detonator could go off and that would be it for the hostages. Wait for the specialists to get here.”

The valiant officers kept their distant. The man on the roof sent the occasional fireball crashing towards anyone who got too close.

The van that pulled up was a sleek black with a gold and red emblem painted on its sides. The officer in charge moved to meet it.

“Senior Inspector Kowalsky,” he said.

The blonde woman at the head of the group showed her badge. “Sirvanna Reyes, special forces Omicron unit. What’s the situation?”

“We have a pla… Pardon me, a gifted perp. Has fire powers. He’s taken hostages and is threatening to use that detonator to burn them alive. Calls himself…”

“Asbestos,” Sirvanna interrupted. “We’ve encountered him before. Katelyn, get inside and get the hostages out of there. Alexa, he’s got to have a way out of there. Find his exit and block it. Ines and I will deal with him.”

“What about the hostages?” the Inspector asked.

“If Asbestos has hostages, they’re already starting to burn, slowly. Sick Bastard likes to record his victims burning while he makes demands and then he shares it on the net. their only hope is for us to move quickly.”

“Good thing that’s my specialty,” Ines said. She scooped Sirvanna up and ran. Right to the back of the building and up the wall.

“Give it up, Asbestos,” Sirvanna called in a loud, clear voice. “Or we’ll bring you in the hard way.”

“Well, well,” the large man said. “If it isn’t one of the little dictator’s dogs.” He burst into a fit of laughter, dropping the detonator as he did so. “Why don’t you bring me your master, Little Bitch? Or is he hiding in his comfortable office behind his little security force? What a laugh. The powerless little putz thinks he’s fit to rule.”
“I’m not going to debate politics with you,” Sirvanna said. “I’m going to bring you down!” She ran forward, lightning surging from her fingertips.

He countered the attack with a wall of flames, sent to surround him entirely.

“What now, Mutt?” he yelled.

Ines ran in a circle around him and his flames.

“You’re trying to put out my fire with speed?” he asked. “How absurd. I see the hounds aren’t that smart.”

“Who said we were trying to put it out?” Sirvanna asked. The roof beneath Asbestos started to crumple and crack, eventually caving in. Ines ran back to grab Sirvanna and rushed her down the stairs and into the building.

Asbestos was trying to pick himself up, but couldn’t quite struggle to his feet. “Little Bitch,” he spat.

Sirvanna put a pair of handcuffs on him.

“You’re under arrest,” she said. “You have the right to representation in court. You have the right to a speedy trial. You have the right to refuse a psychic scan. Anything you say can and will be used to incriminate you. You have the right to stay silent.”

“How about you burn?” Asbestos asked. His face tensed for a moment but nothing happened.

“These cuffs inhibit gifts,” Sirvanna said. “Their designer is quite ingenious.”

“And her wife could beat you up,” Ines added. “Be glad that we were called instead of Omega Theta Sigma.”


“Another one for the good guys,” Katelyn said.

“He’s getting the death penalty,” Alexa said. “I guarantee it.”

“Too bad Yuni and Alena missed it,” Ines said. “Yuni was really upset after our last encounter.”

“Are the hostages going to live this time?” Sirvanna asked.

“They have a chance,” Katelyn said.

“Big deal,” Alexa said.

“Someone’s grouchy,” Katelyn observed. “Did you and Anya break up again?”

“Don’t talk to me about her,” Alexa said.

“Until you get back together in a month?” Katelyn asked.

“I give it a week,” Ines said.

Omicron, come in. The voice came over their radio.

“This is Omicron,” Sirvanna said. “What’s up?”

Please report to the Prime Minister’s home, immediately.

“On our way,” Sirvanna said. “What’s the emergency?”

The head of security has requested your presence. No emergency was reported.


It took them a little under an hour to reach the residence, a two-story house with two bedrooms, a combined kitchen-dining room, living room, two bathrooms, an office, a small library and a laundry room. It was surrounded by a tall fence with a guard station at the entrance.
“You’d think he could afford a better place,” Katelyn said.

“He could,” Sirvanna said. “You know him, he doesn’t like extravagance.”

“According to the Daily Fox, he has a secret basement level that covers half the city. Where he lives the most hedonistic of rich lives,” Katelyn said.

“Are you still reading that rag?” Alexa asked.

“It’s hilarious,” Katelyn said. “They make up the weirdest shit and treat it like it’s completely serious. Remember the special election issue? They actually said that a secret cabal that’s secretly held power behind the scenes of every government had fixed the votes.”

The guard finished checking their credentials and let them inside.

“Sirvanna, Ines, Katelyn, Alexa!” Blair greeted them with a slight curtsy. “Welcome to our home. Is this a social visit?”

“I’m afraid not,” Ryu said. “I asked them to come.”

“What’s the situation?” Sirvanna asked.

“We have a credible threat against the Prime Minister,” Ryu said. “Until it’s cleared up, I’d like your team to provide extra security. Where are Yuni and Alena?”

“On vacation,” Ines said. “They have an Anniversary to celebrate, you know.”

“It’s okay,” Blair said. “I can help.”

“You have homework to do,” Michael said. He was carrying a briefcase.

“Isn’t your safety more important?” Blair asked.

“Don’t worry about me,” Michael said. “I’m in capable hands. Today’s session of Parliament should get out on time. We’ll spend some time together when I get back, okay?”

Blair nodded. “I’ll look forward to it, Papa.” She hugged him and the group headed to Parliament.


“Think I could make it in politics?” Katelyn asked.

“No,” Alexa said.

“Ladies,” Sirvanna said. “Pay attention. We’re on duty.”

“It’s boring,” Katelyn said. “Sitting around, waiting for the session to end.”

“You forgot the important part,” Sirvanna said. “Protecting the Prime Minister.”

“We have a situation,” Ryu’s voice came in clearly over the radio. Leave a few guards at the doors. Everyone else to the grounds.”

A couple of Ryu’s regular guards stayed behind While Sirvanna, Katelyn and Alexa hurried outside. They found several people cuffed and duffel bags with explosives on the ground.

“This is the last of them,” Ines reported, rushing a cuffed woman over.

 “Good work,” Ryu said. I’ll have them taken for questioning.

“You could always get the answers from their minds,” Alexa said. 

“My Lord would not approve,” Ryu said. “No. We’ll do this legally. Thank you for the assistance. Please, stick around until the end of the session.” 

Michael was one of the final two to leave. 

We should get together and discuss things in greater detail. Over dinner, perhaps. 

“Sorry, Naoko,” Michael said. “I promised Blair that we would spend some quality time together and she comes first. After all, she is my daughter. We can discuss the situation at another juncture.” He bowed and made his way out. 

“Is she still pining for him?” Katelyn asked. 

I do not pine!

“Now you’re just eavesdropping,” Katelyn said. 


“Why do we do it?” Sirvanna asked. 

“Do what?” Ines asked. 

“Continue to risk our lives,” Sirvanna said. “I thought the end of the war would give us some peace.” 

“It has,” Ines said. “Sure, we still find ourselves getting dispatched to deal with the occasional threat, but we can also live our everyday lives in relative comfort.” She kissed Sirvanna’s cheek. “Besides, joining the special forces was your idea and we can always quit.” 

“I suppose,” Sirvanna said. “Do you think we’ll ever reach a point where we aren’t needed?” 

“Realistically,” Ines said “no. Although it’s a nice thought. I just wonder what you’d do with yourself.” 

“I’d devote myself to you,” Sirvanna said. 

“Flatterer,” Ines said. “But it’ll have to wait a bit. The girls will be here soon.” 

“Is it Wednesday already? Sirvanna asked. 

“Yeah,” Ines answered. “Alexa is bringing Anya. Katelyn said she might bring someone.” 

“Sounds like a fun night,” Sirvanna said. 

The End? 

Special thanks to Fluffy, Skylin, Omega Axl, Ultrazero and Fallendemon for the character concepts behind Sirvanna, Alena, Alexa, Yuni and Katelyn. 

Special thanks to Yvonne for the lovely fan art. 

And thanks to everyone who read this. 

The girls of Omicron may return at some point for a short story.

But for the moment, something different. Look for that to begin in a week or two. 


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I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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