Purification episode 117: The Earth Chambre

The five entered the first chambre. It was built with an earthen floor and rocky crags jutting out at seemingly random points.

“Careful, Lilly,” Axra said. “The ground is pretty uneven.” She helped Lilly over a jagged part.

“Th… thank you,” Lilly said.

“Isn’t this a bit strange?” Lysara asked. “I mean, every time I’ve heard someone mention the classic elements it’s been fire, water, earth and then air. So why start in the middle?”

“The classic elements don’t really have a traditional order,” Twila said. “They’re always portrayed in ancient texts as part of a cycle where each element feeds into the others. It…”

She was interrupted by the sound of gravel falling from one of the crags. The group looked over. Lilly drew Zerstörelicht and pointed it in the direction of the sound.

“There’s nothing there,” Lysara muttered.

“Something had to make that gravel come down,” Bonnie stated. Her eyes darted around, searching for the source.

“I… it’s right there,” Lilly whispered.

“Right where?” Axra asked. Lilly was pointing Zerstörelicht at the height of the crag. “There’s nothing up there but empty space.”

“I… it is,” Lilly said. “I… I can hear it.”

Twila scrutinised the area that Lilly was indicating. “Lilly, fire your bow,” she said.

Lilly did as she was bade. A burst of gravel went sliding and they heard a roar. Spots of blood dotted the peak. Still, no creature was visible.

“Axra, guard Lilly!” Twila shouted.

Axra moved between the crag and Lilly, sword drawn.

“Above you!” Lilly cried.

Axra swung her sword upwards, feeling it make contact with something.

Bonnie moved in, thrusting past Axra with her trident feeling it make contact with something.

Lysara started running forward with her chakram drawn.

“Stay back!” Bonnie shouted. “You don’t have the experience to challenge something you can’t see.”

“I can fight too!” Lysara protested.

“Brace yourselves!” Lilly shouted. Axra and Bonnie felt a giant weight slam into them. The two were thrown forward.

“Dispel invisibility!” Twila cried, snapping her fingers.

The air seemed to shimmer, revealing a six legged creature with a flat, insect-like body, tail with stingers attached. It’s head was flat and fanged. It had visible puncture marks in its body from the trident. One of its front legs was torn open from Lilly’s blast.

It raised its tail and swung downward at Lilly. She heard the blow coming and managed to move away from it in time.

Lysara ran in. She slid under the creature’s tail and swung her chakram across its face. It slammed its body forward in response, pushing her back.

“Fireball!” Twila cried. The flames slammed into the creature. It flailed back.

“Now!” Axra said. She, Bonnie and Lysara all moved forward. Axra blocked the tail and Bonnie and Lysara delivered the finishing blows.

“What is that thing anyway?” Lysara asked.

“I’m not sure,” Twila said. “I’ve never seen or even read about anything like it.”

“A relic of the old world, no doubt,” Bonnie muttered.

“What if they still exist but no one knows about them because they turn invisible and hide?” Lysara asked.

“I don’t think it’s likely,” Twila stated. “Some mage would have detected them by now.”

“You didn’t,” Lysara said.

“Well, there are better mages than me out there,” Twila said. “Is everyone okay?”

“A little bruised, but fine,” Axra stated.

“No problems here either,” Bonnie reported.

“No complaints here,” Lysara said.

“Good, then we can continue,” Twila said. “We’ll have to remember to be on our guard in the next chambre. If Lilly hadn’t heard that thing then it might have caused us some serious problems.”


About ktulu007

For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a star ship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic.
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