Purification episode 123: Against The Void

The five women scattered as fragments of the swirling mass swiped at them. Bonnie jabbed her trident directly into the mass in response. The shadows dissipated.

“That was surprisingly easy,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, I thought it was going to be harder than that,” Axra stated.

“Bon, look out!” Lysara shouted.

Bonnie lunged forward, a shadowy hand hitting the ground behind her. Lysara hurried to her side.

“Looks like weapons do nothing,” Bonnie muttered. “Twila?”

“Lightning Lance!” Twila shouted, snapping her fingers. Bolts shot from her hands into the shadowy mass.

This intruder’s power is measured. We are not impressed. We shall return it.

The shadowy mass stretched out what looked like a hand and lightning flew from it right at Twila.

“Nullifying Barrier!” The reflective wall shimmered for a moment, but wasn’t breached.

“Lilly,” Axra said. “Aim Zerstörelicht forty degrees to your right and fire.”

Lilly did as she was bidden. The arrow of light pierced the shadowy form causing it to dissipate.

“D… did I get it?” Lilly asked.

“We can’t be sure,” Twila said. “It could reform again.”

Sure enough, the shadowy form quickly reassembled behind Lilly, just as large as before. Axra hurriedly carried her away from it.

“Okay,” Axra said. “We need a plan.”

“Neither magic nor steel seems to work,” Lysara said.

“M… maybe if we asked nicely it would let us go,” Lilly suggested.

“Not a chance,” Bonnie said.

“I do love your optimism though,” Axra said.

“I’ll try the strongest spell I know,” Twila said. “It may be able to absorb a normal spell, but I don’t think it can absorb that one.”

“Can you handle it after using that huge fire spell?” Bonnie inquired.

“I’ll have to,” Twila said.

“Then we’ll buy you time,” Bonnie said. “Lysara, Axra, we’ll surround it and try to keep it from dispersing.”

The three ran towards the shadowy mass while Twila began chanting.

These intruders plan for naught. Strike us with any spell and we will endure. 

“Don’t underestimate my Twila!” Axra cried. She slashed at the mass. The creature vanished into the air before her blade could touch it, reforming behind her.

She dodged forward, narrowly avoiding its swiping arm.

“What’ll happen if that hits one of us?” Lysara whispered.

“Nothing good, I’d wager,” Bonnie answered.

The two moved towards the creature, trying to keep it distracted. It swiped at Bonnie, very nearly hitting her.

We have no interest in the ants. Its myriad voices seemed to sigh the words out. Begone!

Bonnie’s legs went numb, causing her to collapse. The creature’s arm went right for her.

“Bon, look out!” Lysara threw herself in the creature’s path. Its arm passed through her and she collapsed on the ground, unmoving.

“Lysara!” Bonnie cried. She crawled over and looked her over.

“Is she okay?” Axra asked.

“Her vitals all feel fine,” Bonnie reported. “She doesn’t have any signs of injury either. I don’t know why she collapsed.”

We told the intruders, here there is neither life nor death. The other four shall join that one.

It slid across the ground towards Bonnie, who still couldn’t rise. She brought up her trident, pointing it defiantly at the creature. Axra jumped at it with her blade, the creature swiftly slid back.

Twila snapped her fingers. “Wail of Death!” A sonic burst erupted around the mass of shadows. Axra, Bonnie and Lilly covered their ears. When the spell cleared the mass had dissipated.

“Please tell me you got it that time,” Axra said.

“I… I don’t know,” Twila panted. Lilly made her way over to help her up. “A… a normal human… would be a pile of gore… but that creature… seems hardier.”

We are far hardier. 

The creature reformed behind Bonnie. Its hand slammed into her. She collapsed on top of Lysara’s unmoving form.

This intruder has strong magic. But magic is little good against such as we. We do not live, nor can we die. 

Axra lunged for the creature, but it vanished yet again. She looked around, holding Todberührung protectively in front of her.

The shadows appeared behind Lilly. Swiping through her and Twila with one sweep of its arm. The two fell noiselessly to the ground.

Surrender, final intruder. We will be merciful and allow the intruders to join together once they are all dealt with. 


About ktulu007

For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a star ship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic.
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