Voyages of the Cerberus episode 32: Lucy’s Strength

Lucy managed to convince Madame Prudence to set up a meeting, with the master records present. She made sure that the details of the meeting weren’t kept as secret as they should have been. Leon and Kat stood in obvious guard positions. Farah, Allison and Lucy were all in spots that weren’t quite hidden. Lucy’s position was near the main door. She wore a heavy cloak, concealing her features. They only had a little time before Madame Prudence and the others arrived.

“Do you read me?” Kat asked, checking her communication.

“Loud and clear,” Ophelia said. “Paul’s on standby in case they decide to use something nastier than knock-out gas.”

Kat was about to say more, but the door opened and Madame Prudence arrived, with their bait. Now, they just had to go through with the whole thing. Hopefully, their prey would show up.


“Should I not be with them?” Yuri asked. “A gas attack would have no effect on my systems. I would be able to assist Miss Lucy.”

“Don’t worry about Lucy,” Ophelia said. “Worry about anyone who gets in Lucy’s way.”

“I do not understand,” Yuri stated. “She is relatively small in stature and her musculature is not significantly higher than a human of similar size and build.”

“Just wait,” Ophelia said. “You’ll understand.”


Farah listened to Madame Prudence and her executives talk shop, wondering when their target would make a move. She looked over at Allison, the other woman’s head was drifting to the side and her eyes were half-closed. She hurriedly moved back into position and rubbed her eyes. Was it gas? Farah looked around for any sign of it, but no one else was acting tired nor was there any sign of a gas grenade. She glanced back at Allison. Her head was resting against her hand and her eyes were half-closed again.

Farah heard something overhead and looked up. There was a slight discolouration in the air coming from the ventilation system. “Gas!” she cried. Everyone in the room started to move towards the door, but they all collapsed.

Lucy waited on the floor, just as still as everyone else. Their foe, a human man, came in through the door and moved directly for the table. Lucy slipped silently out of the heavy cloak and moved behind him The man grabbed the record drive and turned, gasping through his gas mask.

“That doesn’t belong to you,” Lucy said, smiling. “You really should put it down.” The man’s hand opened involuntarily. Lucy reached out and snatched the drive. “Thank you. Now, what do you want with this?”

“Damn Akumillian!” The man screamed. He lunged for Lucy. Lucy side-stepped the clumsy attack and turned to the man, her golden eyes opening.

“I can see you aren’t much of a fighter,” Lucy said, her voice taking on a harsh timbre. “I strongly suggest that you give up. We wouldn’t want this to get violent, would we?”

The man cringed at the sound of Lucy’s voice, his body shaking. He dropped to his knees and held out his wrists. “I give up.”

“Good,” Lucy said, her voice losing most of the harsh edge. “Now, what are you doing here? It’s not cricket to cause trouble on a station like this, you know.”

“I’m a detective. I was hired by old man Geralt to find his oldest son,” he said. “There were rumours that he’d come here.”

“I see,” Lucy said. “Let’s walk over to their holding cells and lock you up while we decide what to do with you.”


Fortunately, the gas wasn’t deadly. Ophelia and Lucy went to meet with Madame Prudence.

“Thank you for all of your hard work!” Madame Prudence exclaimed. “You all are just as good as I’d heard.”

“This might not be over,” Lucy stated.

“If this is the work of the Geralt family they’ll send someone else until they find what they want,” Ophelia clarified.

“There is a solution,” Lucy jumped in. “If you tell us the situation, we might be able to help.”

Madame Prudence sighed. “I suppose I should have expected this. Can I trust your discretion?”

“Of course,” Ophelia said. “Only the three of us will know.”

“Very well,” Madame Prudence said. “The truth is, his son isn’t here. His daughter is. She was born in the wrong body. Her old man is a bit old-fashioned and wouldn’t approve of her surgery.”

“But you performed it here,” Ophelia stated.

Prudence nodded. “You have to have some doctors on staff. She’s working to pay for the operation. She’s been doing very well too.”

“Then it’s an easy fix,” Lucy stated. “We just have to convince the Geralt family that they’re wasting their time looking for her.”

“We can manage that for a little extra,” Ophelia said. “We can plant some evidence that she was in an accident or abducted.”

“I certainly wouldn’t want anymore trouble,” Prudence said. “Very well, you have a deal.”


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I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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