The Grand Pilgrimage 48: Revelation

Poseidon boarded their vessel, his movements were measured and regal. The sea raged around them, but the waters directly around their ship had turned calm. For the first  time in her  life, Inés was actually frightened by the prospect of fighting someone. She knew she couldn’t win against him. This wasn’t a half blood like Scotius who could be beaten.

Poseidon ignored the sailors, giving no indication that he even saw them cowering. He approached the priestesses.

Inés stepped forward, hoping that she wasn’t shaking too noticeably. “I… If you’re here about your nephew,” she said. “It was all my doing. S… so you can let them go, okay? Ju… just punish me.”

Poseidon looked down at her, studying her closely. An amused expression creeping over his face. “Punish you?” he asked. His voice was deep and powerful. “Why should I wish to do that? Really, I’m quite proud. You fought well and you triumphed against one who was every bit your equal. Still, one thing perplexes me. Why have you chosen to serve Athena?”

“Why?” Inés asked. “I just wanted to stop injustices, travel the world and have whirlwind romances with beautiful women everywhere.”

Poseidon laughed. “A most amusing answer. I see. I see. So that’s the type of woman you are.”

“If you aren’t here to punish us then why are you here?” Serena blurted out. “Gr… great Lord Poseidon? I… I just mean that… You didn’t stop us just to ask questions, did you?”

Poseidon’s gaze shifted to her and he smiled warmly. “Child, it is good for us to meet. Unfortunately, this  is not a social call. I have a task for my flesh, but do continue to look after her.”

“His flesh,” Sylvie whispered. She stared at Inés , wide-eyed. “Can it be?”

“I think there must be a mistake,” Inés said. “Maybe you’re looking for another ship?”

“Do not hide from the truth, Flesh of my flesh,” Poseidon chided. “Did you truly think your considerable strength was happen-stance? Did you not consider that there might be a reason that the mark of my domain is with you? Did you not find it odd that  the servants of the Gods would show you reverence or that one of my creatures should consume  the flesh of mortals but be unwilling to harm you?” He stood tall and proud. “It is no coincidence. You are my child. Your power is your birthright and there isn’t a creature within the waters of this world that would dare bring you harm.”

“That’s…” Inés began. she stopped herself and took a deep breath. “So, why did you leave me at Hera’s temple as a baby? Why come back for me now?”

“I am sorry if it brought you pain,” Poseidon said. “But half mortals needs must be raised among mortals. Lest they become arrogant and destructive in their heritage. Truth be told, I was going to wait to contact you. But there is need for you and all other half bloods.”

“A need?” Inés asked. “What could the Gods need from us?”

“Come with me and all will be revealed,” Poseidon said. “My chariot awaits. Come with me, Daughter.” He turned and began moving towards his chariot.

Inés glanced at Serena and Sylvie. Then at Poseidon’s back. She didn’t move.

Poseidon paused. “If you must bring them along, I will permit your concubine and your other companion,” Poseidon said. “But you will be held responsible for them.” He

“We should do as he says,” Sylvie whispered. “We don’t want to make him mad.”

Inés nodded. “You’re right. It’s… it’s just a lot to take in.”

The three of them hurried to catch up. They boarded the chariot behind Poseidon. The chariot swiftly vanished, spiriting them away.


About ktulu007

I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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