The Grand Pilgrimage 55: Misgivings

Serena and Sylvie struck together. Sylvie’s rapier pierced from below, slicing into the eagle’s throat. While Serena struck from above. Her tonfa slamming its crown. Thus fell the second eagle.

Inés flew Blitz towards the oncoming group. The remaining seven were being more careful, keeping relatively close. “Get above them!” she encouraged the pegasus. Blitz whinnied and moved into a sharp ascent. Inés squinted, watching the eagles as they cautiously viewed the comparatively small pegasus and rider.

Inés waited until they were comfortably above the eagles and took a flying leap off of Blitz. she somersaulted onto one of the eagle’s backs, jabbing her staff roughly into its nape. She leapt from that eagle even as it began its uncontrolled descent, landing on the nearest eagle. She swung her staff roughly, eliciting a stream of blood across the creature’s back and causing a sickening cracking sound.

She ran to the end of its back and leapt, managing to catch the tail feathers of another eagle. Even while they scrambled to get away from her. She flipped up onto its back. The beast shook and shuddered, trying to shake her off. She held on, pulling herself steadily towards its head. Then she jabbed her staff into its eye, crushing the eyeball and skull.

There were no more eagles near enough for her to leap to another. She began falling. Blitz made her move, dashing through the sky and taking a steep dive to catch her mistress. One of the eagle’s grabbed for the speedy pegasus, trying to halt her. But its attempt was foiled by a sudden burst of lightning painfully striking its head. Serena moved in slamming her enchanted tonfa into its forehead. Just in case  Sylvie’s magic alone wasn’t enough.

Blitz managed to get under Inés, catching her. The pegasus groaned under the impact.

“Sorry,” Inés said. She shifted to a more standard riding position. “Are you okay for the last three?” Blitz let out a snort. “Good.”


Jenna swung her blade, bringing down one of the chimeras. then she pivoted and hurled lightning bolts, striking three ladons and two chimeras, killing two and wounding the others.

Lilac and Wilfred weren’t quite as effective. Lilac cautiously circled a chimera, keeping her bagh nakh in a defensive position. Wilfred half-heartedly swung his zweihänder at a ladon, that came too close.

A pair of chimera moved to sneak behind Jenna while she was bringing down those beasts she’d injured with her lightning. Fortunately for her, Gail intervened. A mass of blue flames descended onto the pair, reducing them to ash in seconds.


The battle was over quickly. One ladon managed to escape, the rest of the attackers were bloodily dispatched.

“There we go,” Jenna said. “That’s the first hurdle cleared.”

“Yes, yes,” Gail said. “We took down their little scouting party. It’s not that impressive.”

“You don’t have to be mean about it!” Lilac said.

“I’m being realistic,” Gail said. “You and Wilfred are lousy fighters. The mortals did better than you.”

“Peace, Gail,” Jenna said. “There’s no shame in being outdone by skilled mortals. The important thing is that, as a group, we came together and beat the enemy.”

“I would consider it important that we probably did worse than any other group,” Gail said, dismissively twirling her hair. “You know that they’re going to analyse how we all did and they’re going to look at our little team and see only three big threats. Me, you and Inés. Aside from that they’ll see two mortals who, though strong and relatively skilled, are only mortal and two with divine blood and virtually no experience.”

“Even if that is true… If they do come after us, we’ll handle it,” Jenna stated. “We’ll hold them off long enough for other groups to back us up. In the meantime, we’ll keep vigilant and try to get Lilac and Wilfred better trained.”

“That’s right!” Lilac exclaimed. “We just need a little time is all.”

“And you think they’ll stay back and scheme long enough for you to develop into a fine warrior?” Gail asked. She shook her head. “they’ll strike quickly, before you have much chance to improve.”

“Gail, that’s enough!” Jenna said.

“As you wish,” Gail said. “Excuse me.” She vanished in a puff of smoke.

“She certainly doesn’t put things diplomatically, does she?” Wilfred asked.

“That’s putting it mildly,” Inés said.

“Is she right?” Lilac asked. “Are we going to be targeted?”

“I think she’s over-stating the risk,” Jenna answered. “Echidna’s children have no way of knowing that Sylvie and Serena aren’t of divine blood and I’m sure there are other groups with two or more inexperienced half bloods. Why don’t you go back to bed? Inés and I will go back to keeping watch. Though I doubt we’ll see any more action tonight.”


Gail  appeared in a forest. a pink-haired half elf was conversing with a half elf with dark purple hair.

“I… I understand,” the pink haired girl said. “I…”

“You what, My Lovely Wifey?”

The girl sat upright, Gail was gazing down at her, smiling. After all, she’d been drawn to this girl, Lilly, since she was released from the spell that had kept her imprisoned for so long.

“G… Gail,” Lilly whispered. “Twila and I were…”

“Yes, yes,” Gail said. “You can finish talking to your dull friend later. I just had to see you.” Gail knelt down and hugged Lilly.

“I… I…” Lilly stammered.

“I’m sorry for being a bit selfish,” Gail said. “But this may be the last time I see you.”

“The last time?” Lilly asked.

Gail nodded. “Some fools released Typhon. He’s freed the other Titans and they’re going to move against Olympus again. All of us, be we half-Gods or full blooded, are being sent to face him.” Maybe it was a bit over dramatic to say it that way, Gail knew. But it was entirely possible that they might face an actual Titan.

“Is… isn’t that dangerous?” Lilly asked. There was concern in her voice. Gail felt her heart skip a beat.

Gail nodded. “For us half-bloods especially. The full-bloods, they won’t die. Even if they’re beaten and chained in the underworld. Me and the others like me… we can.” She glanced at Lilly. “Hey, don’t be too upset. I’m not going to just let those bastards kill me. I’ll do everything in my power to return to you.” She took Lilly’s hands in hers. “Trust me, we’ll have our happy ending yet!” She leaned forward and kissed Lilly. “Sorry, I won’t be able to protect you for a while, but don’t forget me, okay?”

In a flash of light, she was back in Olympus, waiting for the next strike by Echidna’s children. Gail gingerly touched her lips and smiled.

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For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a starship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic. Books Written by me: Athena's Wellspring
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