Voyages of the Cerberus 123: No Mercy

“Is she going to be okay?” Farah asked. Her comlink was directly connected to Leon’s.

“Paul will save  her,” Leon said. “He can do anything.”

“Maybe we should make a strategic retreat,” Farah suggested. “Get some time to recover.”

“Not an option,” Leon said. “Even if they would let us go, they hurt our friend. Now they die.”


Lucy met Paul in the docking bay. Paul had a hover stretcher at the ready.

“When she gets here, help me get her on the stretcher. I’ll get her sedated and we’ll take her to Medical,” Paul said.

“Got it,” Lucy agreed. “I shall be the ideal nurse.”

The Wyvern came in with the Nebula in tow. The Nebula’s cockpit was torn open. Paul and Lucy scrambled to extricate Allison from the warped insides of the Nebula.

They carefully moved her on top of the stretcher and strapped her securely onto it. Lucy looked at the blood while Paul was administering the sedative. “Will she make it?”

“If I have anything to say about it she will,” Paul said. “We’re going to have to perform emergency surgery. Let’s hurry.”


“Target the ship to the left,” Ophelia ordered. “Try to concentrate fire on their engines.”

“Acknowledged,” Yuri stated.

“Ophelia, I’m heading back out,” Kat reported.

“Wait with Farah and Leon for the moment,” Ophelia said. “Once the ship we’re targeting tries  top pull back, you three should move in for the kill.”

“Understood,” Kat said. “We’ll bring it down for Allison.”

The Cerberus moved. Some enemy fire managed to chip away at the Cerberus’ shields, but Ophelia evaded the bulk of the enemy fire.

Yuri gave no sign of being distracted by her lover’s condition. Her shots were precise, calculated. It didn’t take long for the second ship to move between its companion and the Cerberus.

“Leon, Farah, Let’s go!” Kat ordered.

“They put Allison in hospital, we annihilate them,” Leon stated.

“It’s more  important that we take them out to prevent them interfering with the Cerberus,” Farah said. “I mean, if they manage to do enough damage to knock out main power…”

“Don’t even think it,” Kat said.

The three ships moved towards the large ship.

“Concentrate fire on their engines!” Kat ordered. “Now!”

The three ships moved past,  firing a volley of torpedoes and lasers. The enemy ship was rocked by small explosions. The fighters turned and moved back, evading fire from the crippled enemy ship. They released another volley.

On the Cerberus, Yuri fired on the second ship. “Ophelia, please gain twenty metres of altitude in a hurry.”

“All right,” Ophelia said. “I’m trusting you to have a reason for this.”

The Cerberus rose. Yuri fired. The burst went over the ship they were facing and hit the damaged ship’s engines directly.

“The first enemy ship has been destroyed,” Yuri reported.

“I see that,” Ophelia said. “Let’s take out the next one. I’ll have the fighters strike from the back. We’ll catch them in a pincer movement.”

The remaining enemy ship found itself under fire from two fronts, taking heavy damage. The Cerberus was quickly hailed.

“First officer… now acting captain speaking. We are prepared to surrender.” an androgynous voice said. The signal wasn’t completely clear.

“I  believe their communications were damaged,” Yuri reported.

“A logical assumption,” Ophelia said. “If they start charging their weapons, destroy them.” She nodded at Yuri to patch her through. “Odd, coming from Alliance special forces,” Ophelia said. “I thought you didn’t surrender.”

“How?” the voice returned. “The akumillian, of course. No choice. We need to report back. We’ll grant you all the credits we’re carrying.”

“Not enough,” Ophelia said. “I want all the data on your computers transferred here.”


“If you’d rather be destroyed, my people and I can oblige,” Ophelia said.

It took nearly a minute for the response to come. “Fine, transferring credits and data.”

“The transfer is coming through,” Yuri reported. She activated the communications. “Enemy vessel, you will drop your shields at this juncture.”

“Yuri, what are you doing?” Ophelia asked.

The enemy ship dropped their shields. Yuri destroyed them with a quick burst of fire.

“I will accept disciplinary action, Captain,” Yuri said. “I could not, however, permit them to leave alive after the damage they caused to Allison.”

“We got the full transfer?” Ophelia asked.

“Affirmative,” Yuri answered.

“Then you can go wait outside of Medical,” Ophelia said. “I’ll see to bringing the fighters back.”


About ktulu007

I don’t really like talking about myself, but for the curious I’m Deutsch. I’m the second oldest of three children, four if you count my adopted sister. We largely grew up without a father. Writing has been a major passion for me since I was small. I like to write online because it offers me some freedom to experiment with different genres and provides me with more of an audience than I would normally have access to. One of my bigger influences has always been my youngest sister. She’s very socially aware, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to writing and very supportive of my efforts. Whenever I write I ask myself “would she find major problematic elements in this that I need to change?” and I try to be socially responsible enough and good enough to be as good of a writer as she thinks I am.
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