The Grand Pilgrimage 71: Reinforcements, but will they be enough?

Inés’ mind immediately started racing. Who did she know who could have pulled off a teleportation spell with that level of timing? Not that she even knew many people who could use teleportation spells.

“You okay, Sylvie?” She asked.

“Fine,” Sylvie said, holding out her rapier defensively. “Hopefully now we can turn things around.”

“Hopeful, aren’t you?” Camila asked. “Not that it’ll help.” She was set to lunge when an arrow whizzed into her shoulder, denting her armour. “And why are you interrupting my business, Elf?” Her voice had an undercurrent of rage.

Lais calmly readied another arrow. “I protect that which I hold dear,” she answered, pointing the bow at Camila. “And right now, you’re threatening someone who qualifies. I suggest you leave.”

“You can take the blonde if you like, Elf,” Camila stated. “But Inés belongs to me.”

Things moved quickly from there. Lais loosed her arrow. Camila stepped forward and threw her trident.

Camila snatched the arrow just as it was about to hit her face. Lais evaded the trident, but her bow got hit and snapped.

Camila lunged for Lais, bare-handed. Inés and Sylvie moved to intercept her, but she deftly moved past them using her speed technique.

“Ground Spiking!” a voice rang out. The dirt beneath Camila turned up into pointed stones and jabbed towards her. She leapt back, looking to the side.

“And you must be the annoying mage who took my prey,” she said.

“Enya?” Inés asked.

“She doesn’t…” Sylvie began, quickly stopping herself.

Lais drew a long sword. Enya began casting.

“All right!” Inés declared. “All together!”

She expected Camila to go for her trident, but her sister didn’t seem that interested. She evaded Lais’ long sword, kicking her in the stomach.

She grabbed Inés’ staff, letting it slam against her palms in the process and kicked Inés in the gut as hard as she could, right into Sylvie. Then she moved for Enya

“Holding Muck!”  Enya cried. The ground beneath Camila turned soft, and muddy sucking her into it. “Earthen spears!” Enya continued her attack. Transforming pieces of the ground into long, thin projectiles and bombarding Camila with them.

Camila pushed herself out of the ground spell, grabbed one of the spears and beat Enya with it. The freckled mage went down, vanishing even as she fell.

“Not the teleporting mage,” Camila muttered. “Must be another around here.”

“How many more do we have?”  Inés whispered, turning to Lais.

Lais  glanced briefly at Sylvie before holding up two fingers.

“Couldn’t be,” Sylvie muttered. “You didn’t.”

“Come out, Cowardly Mage!” Camila cried. “I’m just going to find and kill you when you’re encumbered looking out for everyone else. If you come out, I’ll at least make it quick.”

Sylvie charged. Lightning magic bursting from her right hand into Camila. Her rapier very nearly slicing deeply into Camila’s flesh, but only managing light wounds.

“Who lit your fire?” Camila asked. She leapt into the air, kicking the back of Sylvie’s head and slamming her into the ground. She hurriedly moved to press her advantage, but her elbow ended up slamming into the bare ground.

She stood, rubbing it gingerly. “Whatever. Guess the elf is next. ”

She moved towards Lais and Inés. Slowly at first, then she smirked and became a blur. Inés moved to get between her and Lais, but it was an unnecessary gesture. Camila wasn’t going for them, she was retrieving her trident.

She turned to face the pair of them. Inés moved first. She quickly noticed that Camila’s grip was a little unsteady. If she could…

Before she could finish the thought, she found herself tossed backwards. How was her sister this much stronger than her?

she managed to land on her feet,  but she found her foot caught between Camila’s trident and the ground. She would have to somehow reach behind her back and pull it loose to free herself.

Camila charged for Lais. Lais nimbly side-stepped her charge and kicked out with her leg, tripping Camila so that she fell forward.

Camila didn’t stay down. She quickly regained her feet, glaring at Lais.

Inés glanced over at their fight, and quickly forced herself not to stare behind Camila.

Camila scooped up a stone and moved for Lais. Lais backed away.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to claim Inés?” She smirked. “Well, I don’t imagine you could take her from us.”

The taunt worked. Camila moved. She used her speed spell to bridge the gap quickly. Lais’ long sword very nearly impaled her, coming forward at close to the last second. But Camila noticed the manoeuvre and jumped back to avoid the strike. That was when Ashley made her move. Her  bagh nakh slashed across the right side of Camila’s face and down to her chest, sparking against her armour but not piercing it.

Camila shrieked and kicked the one-eyed woman away. Camila ignored the bleeding and followed up the attack, decking Ashley really hard. Lais moved to her rescue, shielding the thief and getting pummelled herself in the process. The pair of them were quickly teleported away.

Camila glanced around. “So, that’s where the mage is.” She punched Inés in the back of the head and grabbed her trident. Inés followed. She had to protect them all. The unseen mage, Serena, Sylvie, Enya, Lais & Ashley.

But Camila had a head start and she was using magic to speed herself up. She reached the mage far before Inés. She glanced at the injured warriors and the mage herself.

“Really, they sent a blind girl?” Camila asked. “Do yourself a favour and clear off, Little girl. Before you die along with them.” She glanced around. “Should I start with the bitch who scratched my cute face? Maybe the elf?” She glanced at Illyana who was shaking, but standing firm between her and the others. Then she glanced at the fallen figure directly behind Illyana. “Maybe that girl with the rapier there. Yes, I think that’s it. Now, Stand Aside!”

Illyana didn’t move she was already starting to chant.

“Suit yourself,” Camila said. “I can impale you both.”  She leapt into the air. Aiming her trident to go through Illyana and into Sylvie.

“Elemental Armageddon!” Illyana finished. A prismatic burst of magic shot from her entire body. Void, Lightning, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Aether, Ice. They all spiralled around one another and converged to slam into Camila. She was sent flying back, into some rocks.

Any mortal wearing ordinary armour would have been reduced to dust. But Camila was a half Goddess and she was wearing armour made by Hephaestus. She survived, but not without a price. Her armour was a half-melted mess. The flesh beneath it charred.

Illyana fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Camila picked herself up.

“Only an omni mage,” she muttered. “But I doubt you have the strength to do that again. Why don’t you try it? If you hit, you might even kill me this time. Of course, you might miss. And you’ll certainly die in the attempt.”

Illyana moved a shaky hand up, pointed it towards Camila and started chanting.

“Stop!” Inés cried, grasping Illyana’s hand. “Let  me take it from here. Look after Sylvie and the others.”

“O… okay,” Illyana said.

Inés examined Camila. Her sister was wounded, quite badly, but still a threat. She knew what Camila would do, the same thing she’d done the entire battle. She’d try to find a way to suppress her without hurting her badly and go for the others.

They rushed towards each other. Inés dropped and shoved her staff upwards just as Camila tried to jump kick her. Inés’ staff was brutally shoved through Camila’s now brittle armour and pierced deeply into her chest.

Inés wasn’t willing to rely on that much and she quickly snapped her sister’s neck.

She looked back at the barely conscious Illyana and her wounded friends and lovers. They’d won.


About ktulu007

For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a star ship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic.
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