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You all seemed to enjoy the Omicron Squad Archive I put up not long ago. So, I’ll do the same with my Purification story. I’ll put the links to the original content and give you guys some tidbits about the process that went into making it. I’d suggest you read the story first, if you haven’t already. The notes on it will have spoilers.

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Okay, let’s start with the concept. Basically, the story I wrote on my blog before Omicron Squad was called Gauntlet of Zeus. For that story, I had my readers create characters D&D style and I also had them vote on vaguely what would happen next. This was a sequel to that where the surviving characters made appearances but it was about a whole new cast, one I created personally. I wanted it to be accessible towards people who hadn’t read that since, obviously writing on a new site was going to mean a lot of you hadn’t read it.

I thought about including the reader choice stuff, but I don’t exactly get many comments on my writing and I didn’t know how many of you would be interested in creating characters or even just voting on what you want to happen next. Besides, there were certainly times in the Gauntlet of Zeus where I had a really good idea for one of the options and then it didn’t win and I decided that I could probably write something a bit stronger making those decisions on my own.

I did take pains to show basically where the old characters were and to have them still be friends. Hence why Twila thinks of them all as family even though, technically, the only two related to her are Lulu and Isaac. It’s also why she talks about them all bringing her potential familiars. I had her pick a tiny dragon because her father’s familiar was a frilled lizard and I thought it would be interesting to have their familiars be somewhat similar but also markedly different.

The exception, of course, was Erron. In the initial story, the guy who created Erron was super worried that he might be described as effeminate since he’s an elf and took great pains to talk about how “manly” he was. So, I decided it would be funny to have him be a hyper masculine, ineffectual dumbass. Basically, toxic masculinity the character. Naturally, this resulted in him not getting on well with the other characters and they eventually left him to go off with his people. Which resulted in Reginald’s bitterness during this story.

I wanted the characters to largely be half bloods. Twila & Axra had made brief appearances during the end of that story, so they already were. The whole theme of intolerance and judging people because their parents “didn’t belong together” was really obvious with the antagonists wanting to purge that type because they were basically Nazis. And having a cast of these characters who were supposedly inferior helped illustrate how absurd the whole notion of racial purity and superiority is.

Bonnie was the exception. With her, I wanted a character who had some potential motivation to join the antagonists, hence her back story about losing her possible inheritance to her half blooded half siblings. And I used her to illustrate a more sane response to that kind of rhetoric with her taking responsibility for her own life and bearing no grudge over anything that went wrong, except possibly against her father for the way he personally mistreated her mother.

The love triangle was an interesting aspect. I’ve gone over this in my reviews before, but I kind of hate love triangles where all three characters have chemistry but they still force a choice either by having two hook up or by having one character step aside or somehow taken out of the picture. So, I wanted to play up the idea that Axra, Twila & Lilly all had chemistry and I knew I was going to end it with the three of them deciding they should all just be together. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to  do it until I got to Twila’s captivity. Reginald used Axra’s feelings to taunt her and the trio ended up having a conversation and working things out.

I let the elder characters face Typhon while the younger were on a quest to find a way to beat Gail. I knew I wanted to give Lulu a strong last hurrah since he was pretty obviously not long for the world. So, I had him unseal the power he had from his own artefact one last time and die stabbing at the titan one final time.

Velvet was an interesting one. The basic idea for him came from a conversation I’d had with my sister about what my dog, EJ Fuzzlebottom, would be like as a human. Kind of laid back and not particularly active but strangely energetic and strong when he got going. I had Twila name his dogs after Doctor Who companions and he ended up as a bit of a Momma’s boy. Because it’s clear that his father shares his lack of drive and his mother does most of the care giving I thought that would make the most sense.

The clash between Axra & Lulu was all about Lulu testing her. I explained it in the story, but he’d had some history with her mother and wasn’t sure whether she was out for some misguided revenge or her feelings towards Twila were genuine. After seeing her sincerity, he accepted her. It was supposed to parallel Reginald and his ultimate betrayal, but with the two characters being opposites in regards to their motives.

I would kind of like to revisit the main group of this since their ultimate confrontation with Gail didn’t have the most exciting end. Not that I regret that. I never intended for Gail to be a bad person. I went to quite a lot of pains to establish that her feelings were sincere, she just didn’t express them in the healthiest possible way. Which is why she ultimately made the choice she did. Still, I think it would be interesting to do something else with the group.

That’s really all I have to say about Purification. Next time I do one of these it’ll be Grand Pilgrimage. I wouldn’t expect that particularly soon. Since these do take quite a bit of time.

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