The Case of the Culled Criminals part Six

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Hilde returned to her office and was going over the pictures she’d taken. After all, there was always the chance she’d put the pieces together in a more substantial way and the better she knew her pieces, the more likely that became.

She looked up once Bianca and Sakura returned.

“Find anything?” she asked.

“No hints in his papers or anything,” Bianca said. “But we did snag his tablet.” She waved it in front of Hilde. “Impressed?”

Hilde accepted it. “Probably shouldn’t have taken it. Someone’s liable to notice.”

“I doubt it,” Bianca stated. “It was just sitting in a box of his old personal effects waiting to be claimed. If Isaac hadn’t gotten it already, he’s probably not going to today.”

“Isaac?” Hilde asked.

“That’s who it was being held for,” Bianca stated. “An Isaac Haufman.”

“That must be the Doctor’s son,” Hilde said. “I found a letter in his house mentioning him and his connection to the Warehouse district. Bianca, can you look for some information on Isaac while I disable the security on the tablet?”

“Sure thing,” Bianca said.

“What about me?” Sakura asked.

Bianca and Hilde looked at each other. Hilde briefly wondered how useful Sakura would be in getting past a computer’s security.

“Can you play the melody of ‘And I love her‘?” Bianca asked. “I would like to serenade Hilde.”

“Leave it to me!” Sakura declared. Hilde suppressed a loud sigh.

“So, even fairies know the Beatles?” Hilde asked.

“Who doesn’t?” Bianca countered.

Sakura started playing the tune on a little harp that had amazingly clear sound and surprisingly high volume. Bianca started singing along with it.

Hilde made an effort to let the song fade into background noise while she went to work. Knowing if she paused to listen closely she wouldn’t actually get anything done.

She finished getting the password reset at about the time Bianca was singing the second “Bright are the Stars that shine…”

She went right to rooting through the files. She did notice when Bianca finished singing and applauded.

A couple minutes passed in silence. “Looks like Isaac is living near the Warehouse district,” Bianca informed her. “He has a part time job moving freight.”

“So do a lot of the people in that area,” Hilde said. “Any evidence of shady dealings?”

“Very much so,” Bianca said. “Kid bought a brand new car right before his dad’s death. Paid the deposit in cash. His flat is also in a more up-scale complex.”

“Which means that either daddy was financing him or he’s been getting his euros through less than legal means,” Hilde said. “And it wasn’t his dad.”

“You’ve found something as well, I take it,” Bianca observed.

Hilde nodded. “Doctor Haufman kept thorough bank records. There’s only one unexplained withdraw and it’s only a couple hundred, not nearly enough for a fancy flat or a car.”

“Can we trace where the money did go?” Bianca asked.

“I can find the ATM he took it out of,” Hilde said. “If he spent it in that area, we should be able to narrow it down, at least. His journal is more interesting to me right now, though.”

“Does it say something noble and heroic?” Bianca asked.

“Kind of,” Hilde answered. “To summarise it, he says that he’s going to go down to the Warehouse district and rescue his son. If the police won’t help him, he’ll go alone.”

“And the entry is shortly before his body was found,” Bianca surmised.

“Very shortly,” Hilde answered. “I think what happened was along the lines of this: His son fell in with a bad crowd, quite likely selling drugs on the side. Doctor Haufman found out and reported his son to the police, hoping to get him off of the streets and somewhere he could get help. The police couldn’t find the evidence they needed to arrest Isaac and advised the Doc to hold tight because they’d keep watch over the situation. The Doc gets increasingly worried and starts to feel helpless. He decides it’s time to take things into his own hands. He withdraws a couple hundred, either hoping to buy his way out with his son or to get something that will help him. He has an altercation either with his son himself or with the friends his son’s made. And he ends up dead in a ditch.”

“The Goryou witnesses his last stand and decides he’s a noble soul who died for his son,” Bianca added. “It would make sense.”

Hilde nodded. “I think we have a pretty solid theory.”

“So, we just have to go back, find and soothe the thing,” Bianca said. “That’s when I send it back home.”


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For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a star ship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic.
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