The Case of the Culled Criminals part ten

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“Boss, there’s trouble!”

The “boss” was a short, blonde man with bright green eyes, just a hint of madness dwelled within them. He glared at his lackey. “What are you on about, Cunt?”

“There are these two broads wandering around the warehouse district. They’re asking about you.”

He put his hands together. “They heat?”

“Maybe. Word is they even cornered Weasel to grill him.”

“Then you’ll have to take your men and deal with them.” He tapped his lackey on the forehead. “How daft are you?”

“I’ve tried, Sir. But they never seem to be around when we look. Plus, some of the men are… concerned, given the recent situation down there.”

“You mean they’re shitting their trousers scared,” Knotts stated. “I swear, you useless cunts are getting to be more of a liability all the time.” He tapped his fingers against his deck. “All right, we’ll do this the easy way. These bitches want me, I’ll oblige them by showing up. When they come in to take me into custody, you and your men get into position and gun them down once they approach me. You all can have your fun with the bodies and we’ll send a message.”


“Think we’ve made enough of a nuisance of ourselves yet?” Bianca wondered.

“Given what Clarence told us about Knotts, he’s probably on his way or very close to it,” Hilde said. “I’ll be relying on you when he tries to kill us. You can deal with bullets, right?”

“So long as they aren’t enchanted, yes,” Bianca answered. “And I doubt there are any witches who would get involved with a drug dealer.”

“I hope you aren’t going to try telling me that witches are just more moral,” Hilde stated.

“Not really,” Bianca responded. “We just have better, less risky ways of getting money if we need it.”

The pair passed by some people.

“Knotts is going to handle it himself.”

“I feel sorry for the cops.”

“Hope he gets what’s coming to him this time.”

Those were snippets of the conversations they overheard. It was enough to tell them one thing. They were about to get exactly what they wanted.

They moved to a deserted part of the district and waited.


They spent some time talking quietly. It didn’t take long before they saw Knotts’ group show up. They stopped their BMWs and spread out.

He was shorter than Hilde had expected. Everyone had talked about him as a larger than life figure but he was barely a hundred forty five centimetres tall, if not a little shorter. He immediately went to work, shouting orders.

“So, want to fly in on my broom and give them a shock?” Bianca asked.

“No, we’ll walk up to them before they can make any preparations,” Hilde answered. “See how he reacts.”

They walked carefully forward, together. One of his men quickly got his attention, gesturing at them.

“These are the bitches you haven’t been able to find?” Knotts demanded. “They just sauntered right up you lazy gits. Don’t even look like a threat. One fine woman and her pet ape.”

“I’m going to actually kill him myself,” Bianca hissed.

“Calm down, I’ve been called worse,” Hilde said. She crossed her arms and spoke in a measured tone. “So, you’re the famous Knotts.”

“What’s that?” Knotts asked. “I don’t speak grunts. Your human will have to translate.”

“I think your problem is being too close to the ground,” Hilde countered. “Or maybe I should solely use monosyllabic words.”

Knotts slammed a nearby plank into the ground. “You did not just disrespect me like that!”

“Oh, so you did hear me,” Hilde said.

“Shoot them both, I’m done with this shite!” Knotts ordered. His men turned and fired their uzis. The bullets fell around Hilde and Bianca, not one connecting.

“Your men shoot like they’re part of Cobra,” Hilde stated. She smiled at Bianca.

There wasn’t a reaction from Knotts. That’s when Hilde and Bianca noticed that time was standing still again. The Goryou had arrived in its usual swarm. It tore Knotts’ men to shreds ending with the man himself.

“Okay, take two,” Bianca whispered. “Oh great Spirit, we’ve seen your valour. We’ve witnessed your vengeance against the man who wronged you. We praise your strength and nobility.”

The goryou slowed, seemingly listening.

“But with this final act your work is complete, Haufman Isaac,” Hilde added. “Go now to your well deserved rest.”

The Goryou shrank down. The swarm vanished leaving a slightly pink wisp behind.

“My turn,” Bianca said. She quickly chanted. A shimmering portal appeared. The wisp turned towards it and flew inside. “Now it’s back home,” Bianca said, sealing the portal.

“All right, let’s go meet up with our client, tell her it’s all over,” Hilde said.


That night, Bianca and Hilde were sitting on Hilde’s sofa in her flat. They were watching old Disney films and enjoying some popcorn.

“Hey, do you think that scum bag could have ever been redeemed?” Bianca asked.

“Knotss?” Hilde paused the film and thought for a moment. She sighed. “Maybe, but it would have taken something major to make him want to change. And a lot of help from someone who truly cared to help him keep that better path.”

Bianca hugged her tightly. “You really do have a good heart. You even see potential in the worst people.”

“Maybe I’m just overly optimistic,” Hilde said. “You still upset that he called me an ape?”

“A bit,” Bianca said. “But I think that mainly shows his bad taste. There aren’t many women out there more beautiful than you, after all.”

“Well, thanks, but you’re flattering me too much,” Hilde said. “I’m nothing special.”

Bianca moved a hand under Hilde’s chin, brought her face up and kissed her. “You are.” she insisted. “You just don’t realise how much.”

They didn’t unpause the film for several hours.


About ktulu007

For me, writing is the greatest passion and sharing what I work on is a privilege. I write a lot about LGBT characters because so often the media we see with them is about their sexuality or gender identity or they’re the token LGBT character in a group of straight characters. So, I try to write a fleshed out character who’s part of a story about a fantasy quest or a star ship crew and happens to be LGBT. Comments are always appreciated. Just don't make me get sarcastic. Or do, I like being sarcastic.
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