The Last Draconian 102: Tynan Versus Femre

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Tynan and Femre circled one another. Mercenaries from both sides watched, pausing their own battle, interested in seeing how the match would unfold. A few even made some quick bets with their comrades.

Tynan studied his opponent. There were no real facial expressions to judge, but his movements were another matter. He had a more aggressive stance but it was clear that he could bring in his shield relatively quickly.

Tynan made the first move. He rushed forward with his axe swinging. Femre responded immediately, bringing up his shield and attempting to jab his scimitar into Tynan’s chest.

Tynan slammed his head down, slamming his horn into the blade and knocking it off course. Femre responded by kneeing him in the gut and pushing him away.

Tynan was more than a little surprised. The skeleton didn’t look like he would have the strength to do that. Then again, undead were often stronger than they appeared.

He regained his footing quickly and slashed again. He anticipated Femre’s shield and deliberately aimed for the same spot he’d hit before. The shield chipped but stayed intact.

Tynan also anticipated Femre’s knee and brought up his own to block. But the skeleton predicted the move and slashed down. Tynan’s leg armour rattled uncomfortably, digging into his flesh. But it saved him from a nasty cut to the leg.

Femre took the offensive. He charged forward, slashing with his scimitar. Tynan’s axe turned the blade aside and he pushed forward, using his bulk to his advantage.

Femre was pushed back, falling to the ground. Tynan pressed his advantage, trying to split him in twain with a swing of his axe. Femre brought his shield up only to have it smashed aside. Fortunately for him, the impact was enough to stagger Tynan and allow him to regain his feet.

He moved forward, slipping under Tynan’s swinging axe and jabbing his scimitar into Tynan’s chest. It was a heavy hit, enough to tear into Tynan’s armour and cut his flesh. Tynan grabbed hold of the scimitar with one hand and swung his axe with the other, slicing through Femre’s skull.

He pulled the scimitar free, and tore Femre’s clothes to use as a makeshift bandage for his chest wound.

The mercenaries who had been watching quickly moved back into battle positions.

Tynan’s victory provided the mercenaries on his side with a good morale boost while also depriving the undead of their leadership. The battle was starting to shift.


Illyana Fensen

I opened with a simple shielding spell. Entrik immediately followed suit. I hadn’t heard him chanting or sensed any energy building up from him, but I sensed the shield.

I tried a fireball spell next only to have a fireball returned. Once again, I sensed no spell build up from him, nor did I hear any chanting.

The fireballs collided, spewing a spray of embers around.

“Lynai, I need you to tell me exactly what you see him doing very precisely,” I said.

“I can do that,” Lynai stated.

I prepared another spell.


Michael Ryufan

The hidden passage was not difficult to find. The carpeting in Sadow’s foyer was uneven in a specific square spot and the furniture sitting atop it showed signs of frequent moving.

A quick inspection revealed a trapdoor and I was able to find the mechanism to open it behind a bookcase.

I hurriedly took the ladder down.

It was soon evident that the underground rooms were not used for ethical purposes. There were actual cells as well as some torture equipment.

I found Sadow himself in a circular chamber with some dried blood soaked into the stone.

“I thought you might find a way past Entrik, Little Girl,” he stated. “I assume your soon to die friends are with him.” He levelled his staff towards me. “Leave and I’ll allow you and them to live.”

“I will not leave,” I stated. I drew my blades. “I intend to avenge my people today.”

“Then let your accursed race finally be gone!” He declared. A lightning bolt slammed towards me. I took to the air.

It was the moment I had spent my life training for. I would not fail. I could not fail.

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