The Last Draconian 104: Entrik Falls

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Michael Ryufan

Sadow did not waste time. Bursts of lightning came crashing down almost immediately. They were followed by columns of flame erupting around me.

The only thing that saved me from being instantly slain was my superior speed and agility. Being a relatively small target also assisted me in my evasions.

The problem was that I was very much relegated to the defensive. I knew I could not defeat him like that. I would tire from rapidly moving through the air before he lost his ability to cast spells.

I would have to wrest the offensive from him. I flew low over the floor. A lightning spell struck my left wing but I was able to correct myself and continue. I extended the Phoebian Blade, called forth its magic and struck Sadow with a void bolt.

He was thrown back, clearly not anticipating the attack. I moved in, attempting to cut him open but was forced back by a great wall of blue flames. I knew I would not survive an attempt to push through. He had, unfortunately, secured a respite.


Lynai Elfblood

I watched as Illyana began her spell. Truthfully, I really wanted to argue with her on this one. I wanted so badly to put a stop to her plan. If we weren’t in front of our opponent where he could easily figure out her plan if I did, I would have.

It was very risky. If my timing wasn’t absolutely perfect, the ploy would fail and I’d be trying to hold Entrik back by myself or it would work and cost Illyana her life as well.

I really didn’t want to have to tell the others that Illyana had gotten killed. For that matter, telling her mother and fiancé would be a nightmare.

I dismissed the thoughts from my mind. Since it was coming down to it, I’d just have to make sure my timing was absolutely perfect.

I saw Entrik’s orb appear. It was already copying the spell. Looking at his calm face, he definitely hadn’t recognised the spell yet.

I kept my eye on Illyana. Her pale skin was starting to glow with a light hue. That was when Entrik realised what she was doing. He tried to summon his orb back but it was already committed. His flesh started pulsating as well.

I readied myself. The instant I saw Illyana’s skin start to glow brighter, I hit her as hard as I could in the back of the head. Her spell fizzled out and she dropped unconscious. I had done it!

I quickly scooped her up.

“Young elf, you there. Help me you must,” Entrik entreated. His spell was still going. “Could collapse this entire building if stopped I am not.”

I gave him a cold look. “No, I won’t help you. I’ve had enough of Magi who think they can toy with others however they want. And I sure as Tartarus don’t need any Magi who are going to defend them when they do it because they’re so damned self important.”

I quickly ran out of there with Illyana in my arms. Luckily, she wasn’t heavy. She was exactly what you’d expect from that wispy build.

There was a loud cry of pain and burst of energy as the Scattering Flesh spell finished. I was nearly knocked off my feet, but I kept my feet and carefully shielded Illyana from the debris. The room we had been in was completely gone.

The ceiling of Sadow’s home had developed a gaping hole too. Looking down, I could see a drop of at least two floors. I just hoped wherever Michael was, he hadn’t been close enough to get caught in that.


Michael Ryufan

The clamour overhead startled both Sadow and I for a moment. Neither of us could afford to be distracted for long. Sadow renewed his onslaught with a bolt of fire. It was not an ordinary spell, it pursued me like a living creature.

I attempted to dissipate it with a quick draft, but it was not deterred. Ultimately, I used my second trump card, the aether shield, to block it.

“Interesting toys you have there, Girl,” he said. “But you can’t use their power much, can you? Shall we find out?”

He began casting a major spell.

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