True Chivalry: part eleven

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Miranda read over Courtney’s letter. She wasn’t surprised. The Amazonian unit leaders were considered the priority for them as well. After all, take the head and you threw the entire unit into temporary disarray. She was glad Courtney wasn’t a unit leader and that she was fighting from a distance.

Truthfully, she had been far more concerned about Courtney than herself. Courtney wasn’t a fighter. She’d always wanted to be out in nature, going on expeditions to gather supplies and feed people.

Courtney was skilled, certainly. But she didn’t have the inclination to be out fighting other people in a bloody conflict.

And the worst part was knowing that that sweet girl she’d grown up with could be put against a merciless fighter like Francis and she wouldn’t be able to do anything for her.

Aiko burst into her tent while she was considering how to reply to the letter. “The Amazons are coming!” Aiko declared.

“All right, we’ll stay close to the base,” Miranda said. “We have maybe ten hours at most before reinforcements arrive. We just have to hold the line until then. Send word to the others.”

“Got it,” Aiko said. “Be careful out there.”

Miranda grabbed her zweihänder and ran to organise her soldiers.

The Amazons were already at their front lines when she arrived, engaging her troops.

She hurriedly took in the situation, her mind racing to figure out some orders. Her thoughts were derailed when a thrown short sword nearly sliced her open. Fortunately, she slashed it away just in time.

Cassandra slammed one of Miranda’s soldiers aside with a blow from her shield and retrieved the blade.

Miranda hesitated. She didn’t want to harm Cassandra. Not only had she grown up admiring the Amazonian queen, but she didn’t want to make Courtney cry.

That hesitation cost her.

Cassandra leapt into the air and slashed downwards. Miranda instinctively held up her arm. Cassandra’s blade sliced into Miranda’s gauntlet, cutting into her wrist.

Miranda kicked her away and brought up her own blade.

Cassandra landed easily and moved into a series of slices and thrusts. Miranda found herself hard-pressed and very much on the defensive.


Lynn and Rachel rode their horses to the left flank of the Torlan forces. Followed closely by the Vipers and Panthers.

Francis barked out orders to his soldiers “Slay them all! Don’t let a single Amazon escape!”

He grabbed the nearest soldier. “You! Go grab Geoff and his unit. There are too many for just us to handle.”

The woman nodded and hurried away.

“And don’t stop to do your hair!” Francis called. He hoisted his battle axe and ran for the front. There was no way he was going to allow the low ranking knights in his unit to claim more glory than him.


Courtney sat in wait with her bow. Her mum was going to be fighting Miranda already. Miranda had the advantage in terms of reach, but she’d also learned a lot of her fighting skills from Cassandra and those tricks she’d learned from her grandfather were familiar to her mum.

“Don’t worry,” Artura stated. “She’s just there to keep Miranda pinned down.”

“I’m not worried,” Courtney lied.

“You’re holding your bow too tightly,” Artura said. She moved through the trees to look over her other soldiers.

Courtney hurriedly corrected herself. Trying to banish her concerns and stay focused.


Miranda hurriedly cast a bolt spell, trying to take the offensive. Cassandra stomped her foot, causing the ground to erupt upwards and block the bolt.

Cassandra was rushing back towards Miranda when a very strange looking void bolt nearly hit Cassandra in the back. She sensed it approaching and hit the ground, avoiding it at the last second.

Aiko emerged from a shadow and swung her blade at Cassandra. Miranda moved to join her.

Cassandra’s blade blocked Aiko’s, her shield came up to bash the vixen in the chest.

She whirled around to block Miranda’s sword with her shield, dropped and kicked Miranda’s feet, causing her to nearly trip.

Miranda and Aiko both managed to recover quickly. They nodded to one another and moved forward in tandem.


Lynn and Rachel fought side by side.

“Five!” Rachel declared, cutting a Torlan soldiers neck open with her sabre.

Lynn swung her scythe, slicing a soldier in half. “Six for me.”

“Show off,” Rachel muttered.

“You said it first,” Lynn countered.

They heard the faint sound of a horn and noted a second unit joining the fray.

“Give the signal,” Rachel said.

Lynn whistled a quick bird song and their units began withdrawing.

Rachel sheathed her sabre and began shooting arrows back at the Torlans with her short bow.

“Looks like we scared them off,” Geoff muttered, watching the retreating Amazons.

“We’re going after them!” Francis declared. “You,” he pointed to the nearest soldier. “Send the word.”

“We shouldn’t,” Geoff said. “We should wait for our reinforcements.”

“Don’t be a coward!” Francis sneered. “We have a chance to slay two of their unit leaders. Your unit is fresh, so you’d better come.”

“It would be a great honour to slay the first of their unit leaders,” Geoff agreed.

He gave his unit the order to advance after the retreating Amazons and quickly fell into step behind Francis.

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